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With Net-Tell LLC , Customers Pay Less and Get More

August 16, 2018

Above all else, Net-Tell LLC provides a different type of phone service than that offered by traditional phone companies. Despite that, most customers report that it’s impossible to tell the difference, at least until you pay the bill and it’s much lower. Through their use of advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to send calls out via the Internet instead of plugging into a standard hard wired landline, they save a lot of money and pass that along to customers.

All of that adds up to no loss in call quality. In fact, sometimes the quality is better. That said, call quality is only part of the story with Net-Tell LLC. They offer the customers who purchase one of their phone plans so many features, many will swear it’s the greatest phone experience ever, all at a low monthly rate that can fit any budget. They even throw in a lot of extras, like Caller ID, anonymous call blocking, a do not disturb mode, conference calling and many others, all free of charge. Many companies charge extra for many of these, if they’re available at all.